• Nursing Education and Research

    The role of Nursing Education is to develop the nursing profession by the mix of theoretical learning and sensible coaching programs provided to them the platform to organize them for his or her duties as nursing professionals. Nursing Education which is provided to nursing students helps them in changing into well labile to their work by medical as well as nursing professionals WHO square measure qualified for academic tasks. Several countries provide Nursing Education courses, so they'll become as a general nursing professional person or specialized in fields like psychiatric nursing, medical specialty nursing, internal organ nursing and operatory nursing.

    Nursing analysis is proof accustomed support day to day nursing follows as a result of it's academic degree evidence-based area of observe. Nursing education focuses on utilization of study in nursing field to induce new inventions. Nursing analysis depends on 2 approaches like qualitative analysis yet as analysis. Nursing analysis ways in which square measure most usually used for convalescing efficiency and time management within the health care system.

  • Pediatric Nursing

    Pediatric Nursing is that the restorative care of neonates and children up to time of life, as a rule out an in-patient hospital or day-clinic. Infant nurses are registered nurses United Nations agency have some experience in operating with these youthful, vulnerable patients. Neonatal nursing could be a branch of health care that whose objective is providing care and support for brand new born babies who were born untimely, or suffering from health issues like birth defects, infections, or heart deformities

  • Clinical Nursing

    Clinical Nursing is a propelled field, which suggests you could likewise end up perceptibly utilized in training and positions of authority. The work covers some basic regions as well as crisis care, pediatric medicine and health and care of recent people. The aptitudes and techniques in Clinical Nursing are the foremost important strides to be followed in an professional manner and are basic for better patient results, it comprise of bound fundamental to advanced procedures, for instance, observing, time administration, basic speculation at completely different circumstances, Judgment and decision making that is Considering the relative expenses and advantages of potential activities to select the foremost correct one. Mixing of meds, auscultating the heart, surveying the patient define so forth need to be taken after, as a CNS run through advanced circumstances nevertheless serving to a surgery. Along these lines sure skills and procedures are rehearsed and finished with mind presence. The field of nursing has a role in grown-up mental and emotional well being, pre-adult mental and psychological well-being, intense care, cardiovascular diseases, neonatal, oncology, parent-kid, restoration, feminine health and successful, clinical nursing and diabetes administration.

  • Oncology Nursing

    Oncology Nurse provides take care of cancer patients and folk in peril for obtaining the illness. The life science Nurse additionally works in education and preventive care. Medical science nurses witness long suffering; however this stress is offset by the semi-permanent relationships. The nurse must be compelled to supply psychosocial support for the patients.

    Ø  Giving a physical examination

    Ø  Giving chemotherapy and different medications

    Ø  Identifying patient desires

    Ø  Coordinating care with the opposite members of the oncology team

    Ø  Educating and counselling patients and families

    Ø  Performing analysis as a part of a clinical trial

  • Cardiac Nursing

    Cardiovascular nursing is a nursing strength that works with patients UN agency expertise the sick effects of varied states of the vessel framework. Cardiovascular medical caretakers facilitate regard conditions, as an example, shaky angina, cardiopathy, coronary supply line health problem, symptom heart disappointment, cardiac muscle localized gangrene and heart dysrhythmia below the course of a specialist. Vessel medical attendants perform operative care on a surgical unit, stretch take a glance at assessments, heart checking, vascular perceptive, and prosperity appraisals. Cardiovascular medical caretakers ought to have Basic Life Support and Advanced internal organ Life Support confirmation. Medication Nurses have completely different roles they need to act with patient to create awareness relating to the health problem. They in addition facilitate in minimizing heart risk and facilitate patients with operative rehabilitation. Medication Nurses have to be compelled to teach the patients to manage their diseases.

    Ø  Pharmacological methods in cardiology

    Ø  Cardiac Deaths

    Ø  Cerebrovascular cardiopathy

    Ø  Heart Transplantation

    Ø  Cardiovascular Diseases

    Ø  Ischemic heart condition

    Ø  Cardiac Rehabilitation

    Ø  Cardiac medical aid Nursing

    Ø  Cardiovascular Clinical Trials

    Ø  Myocardial infraction

  • Psychiatric & Mental Health Nursing

    Mental nursing or psychological well-being nursing is that the named position of a nursing that has had wise expertise in emotional well-being and watches over people of any age with dysfunctional behavior or mental drawback, as associate example, psychosis, bipolar confusion, psychosis, melancholy, dementia and lots of further. In several nations, a mental medical attendant ought to have accomplished a four year certification in nursing to finish up perceptibly associate in nursing listed nurture (RN) and add emotional well-being. Mental medical caretakers add healing facilities, mental institutions, remedial organizations, and various different offices.


    Ø  Mental Health Nursing Practices

    Ø  Mental Health Disorders

    Ø  Psychiatric Healing Techniques

    Ø  Diagnostic Approaches

    Ø  Neonatal Nursing

  • Neonatal nursing

    Neonatal Nursing is a specialty of nursing that works with babies judge with associate solving of problems running from rashness, birth surrender, contamination, heart deformities, and surgical problems. The time of life is characterised as a results of the foremost month of life; be that as a results of it should, these baby’s unit of debilitated for a substantial length of some time. Child nursing, for the foremost , envelops administer to those newborn kid’s social unit encounter problems presently once birth, however, it likewise incorporates check babies administrative body encounter long-haul problems renowned with their rashness or health problem once birth. A couple of some of child medical attendants might administer to babies up to around 2 years recent. Most child medical caretakers check newborn youngsters from the season of birth till the aim that they're free from the doctor's facility. 

  • Midwifery Nursing

    Midwifery Nursing is a nursing strategy which focuses on the fields of pregnant women health and child-birth. Those who are trained in midwifery have a strong knowledge about the pregnant women mind and their body works. Midwifery Nurses focus on developing bonds with their patients throughout their pregnancy period. They help their patients in process of child-birth and for the first few months of child birth because mothers have many doubts about the best ways for their new-born child. Midwives and Nurses develop their confidence by using this specialized area. Their skills developed in practice are complemented with availability of our simulation models.

  • Disaster Nursing

    The Goal of Disaster nursing is guaranteeing that the best accomplishable level of care is delivered through distinguishing, advocating, and caring for all wedged populations throughout all phases of a disaster event, together with active participation altogether levels of disaster coming up with and readiness.

  • Surgical Nursing

     A surgical nurse may be a nursing proficient that is trained to be able to assist throughout every routine and arduous surgical procedure. They work aboard surgical groups to make sure that patient’s square measure receiving the only potential care. These kinds of nurses are progressing to be found around operational tables all across the word, aiding surgeons with every elective and life-saving procedure. A surgical nurse may even be needed to figure closely with the patient. This could involve explaining the procedure, giving pre-procedure directions, and comforting the patient. Among the event of associate emergency, surgical nurses might in addition be needed to perform rescue maneuvers & providing nursing facilitate in surgical settings, in addition because the pre-operative, intra-operative, and post-operative phases of surgery.

  • Adult Health Nursing

    Grown-up heart disappointment and nursing thought treatment is based on the conscientiousness of the innate coronary Heart diseases. Some gentle heart imperfections do not need any treatment. Others will be treated with prescription drugs, obtrusive techniques or surgery. Most grown-ups with intrinsic coronary unhealthiness need to be discovered by a heart master and will ought to take precautional measures to show away carditis (a contamination of the heart) for the period of their life. End-of-life thought is alludes to medicinal services, not just of patients within the last hours or days of their lives, yet all the additional comprehensively care of each one of those with a terminal disease that has get to be propelled, dynamic and serious. Fall repugnance may be a noteworthy phase of patient well-being. The Institute of medication surgery (IOM), 2003, verbally communicated that patient security is characterised because the obstruction of harm to patients, where mischief can happen through mistakes of commission and exclusion. This section in many Nursing conferences and Nursing meetings addresses Adult cardiopathy and nursing care, End-of-life care, fall hindrance.

    A grown-up geriatrics well-being nursing could be a kind of medical attendant specialist that has practical expertise in sustaining and in depth social welfare for grown-ups over the period of time from pre-adulthood to senescence.

  • Family Nursing

    Family nursing is a study of preventive, remedial support to the family, to assist the family system autonomously to maintain and improve its family functions. Family nursing is directed to rising the potential health of a family or any of its members by assessing individual and family health needs and strengths, by characteristic issues influencing the health care of the family as a whole and people influencing the individual members, by victimization family resources, by teaching and direction, and by evaluating progress toward expressed goals.

  • Dental Nursing

    Dental thought is essential to counteract dental illness and to stay up legitimate dental and oral well-being. Oral problems, as well as dental and periodontic contaminations, dry mouth, tooth rot, are for the foremost part treatable with legitimate conclusion and care. There are eight dental relationships in Canada. It’s assessed that there are roughly 26,000 to 29,000 dental aides in USA and nearly 20,000 are noncommissioned with a commonplace dental serving to affiliation. Of these 20,000 dental collaborators around 74 are confirmed/authorized, 99 are feminine and also the traditional age is thirty eight years of age.


    Ø  Orthodontics Forensic odontology or medicine

    Ø  Forensic dental medicine or medicine

    Ø  Future Trends in odontology

    Ø  Leadership desires in Dental Nurses

    Ø  Oral Surgery

  • Gynecology and Obstetrics Nursing

    Obstetrics and gynecology is the medical science that encompasses the two subspecialties of obstetrics (cover gestation, childbirth, and also the postnatal period) and gynecology (covering the health of the feminine reproductive systems i.e., vagina, uterus, and ovaries. gynecology is that the sub branch of medication coping with the administration of health care to women, particularly the identification and treatment of disorders affecting the feminine reproductive organs it deals with the study of sicknesses of the feminine generative organs, as well as the breasts. OB is a branch of medication that deals with the birth of kids and with the care of women before, during, and when they provide birth to children. The art and science of managing pregnancy, labor, and also the time period i.e., the time after delivery


    Ø  Basics of Breast Diseases associated with OB/GYN

    Ø  Infections in gestation

    Ø  Operative OB

    Ø  Recent Advances in Medical and Surgical Management

    Ø  Normal gestation, Labour Endocrinology of gestation

    Ø  Placenta - Development, Structure, Functions

    Ø  Operative gynecology

    Ø  Anatomy in Females of genitourinary apparatus, Abdomen, Pelvis, pelvic Floor, Anterior abdominal wall and Breast.

    Ø  Principles and practice of medical specialty in gynecology

    Ø  Lactation Support

    Ø  Prostate Cancer

    Ø  The impact of the intrauterine device on the Ultrastructure of the mucous membrane

    Ø  Pelvic Floor pathology

    Ø  Contraception

    Ø  Pregnancy Care and Delivery

    Ø  Recent Advances in gynecology

    Ø  Physiology of menses and ovulation

    Ø  Obstetrical analgesia and anesthesia

  • Patient Safety & Health Care


    Quality health care and patient safety are the streams that takes care of the health of the patient and his/her safety. Health care quality are often defined because the degree to that health care services for people and population increase the chance of desired health outcomes.

    Ø  Prevalence of adverse events

    Ø  Communication for patient safety

    Ø  Safety in health care

    Ø  Causes of health care error

    Ø  Communication for patient safety

    Ø  Health care quality

    Ø  life expectancy

    Ø  Methods to assess and improve quality health

    Ø  Prevalence of adverse events

    Ø  Communication for patient safety

    Ø  Safety in health care

    Ø  Causes of health care error

    Ø  Communication for patient safety 

  • Women health

    Women have distinctive health connected issue. Unique health problems embrace maternity, menopause, and conditions of the feminine organs. Women can have a healthy gestation by obtaining correct, early and regular prenatal care. they're additionally suggested many tests for cervical cancer, carcinoma and bone density screenings. Complications of gestation include health issues that occur throughout gestation. They will involve baby's health, mother’s health or both. Diet and nutrition plays a major role throughout gestation time. Vital nutrient diet includes protein rich veg diet and calcium rich recipes. The most effective time to do and conceive is throughout the ‘fertile window’ of the menstrual cycle i.e. ovulation time.

  • Maternal and Child Health

    Maternal Nutrition features a major role in fetal and development. Maternal nutrition not solely refers to the nutritional desires of women throughout the prenatal and postnatal period (i.e., when they are pregnant and breastfeeding) however additionally to the pre-conceptual period (i.e., adolescence). A healthy diet helps kids to grow and learn. It conjointly helps stop obesity and alternative weight-related diseases, such as diabetes. Any kind of alterations in fetal nutrition or endocrine status may result in developmental adaptations that permanently amendment the structure, metabolism and physiology of the offspring.

  • Reproductive and Sexual Health

    Sexual and reproductive health and rights is that the hypothesis of human rights sensible to gender and proliferation. Sexual health could be a condition of physical, mental and social well-being in association to sexuality. It requires a positive and aware way to manage sexuality and sexual relationships, and additionally the chance of getting gratifying and safe sexual expertise, freed from intimidation, separation and brutality.

  • Ethical Legal and Social Issues

    To protect patients from further distress, health care suppliers ought to remember of the relevant ethical, legal, and social problems associated with genetic science in health care. Genetic specialists is also able to address specific patient considerations and queries concerning these issues. 

  • Clinical Informatics

    Clinical Informatics  is the use of informatics and data innovation to convey human services administrations. It also alluded as applied clinical informatics and operational informatics.

    Clinical informatics incorporates a wide range of subjects running from clinical decision support to visual pictures (e.g. radiological, pathological, dermatological, ophthalmological, and so forth) from clinical documentation to provide order entry frameworks; and from system structural design to system usage and adoption issues.

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