Larix International invites all the participants from all over the globe to attend International Webinar on Nursing and Emergency Medicine” will be held online, on November 4th 2020Nursing 2020 will feature up-to-date presentations on the Nurses related research updates, evaluation, and treatment of heart failure. New diagnostic tools, drugs and devices will be reviewed along with their role in specific clinical situations. Integration of guidelines and clinical management will be highlighted. It is an event with evidence-based, guideline-driven update of the critical domains in Nursing

Nursing 2020 provides a vibrant platform for sharing knowledge among the neurologists focusing on the New Research and Treatments. The workshops are designed for academia and industrial benefits who want to have updated knowledge on management and treatment techniques. The Webinar gathers expert surgeons in the world to share their experience and guide participants to explore advanced surgical techniques.

The Nursing 2020 invites abstracts related to the new scientific research in all the fields of Nursing, Doctors, Scientists, rehab its related aspects. Registrants are invited to submit an abstracfor consideration for oral and poster presentation. In general, we encourage more specific to the current research fields representing innovation and recent technologies. Abstracts received will be reviewed by the scientific committee from aspirants and categorized as speaker talks and poster presentations.

Nursing Organizations

Target Audience:

·         Nursing Meeting 2020 welcomes NursesDoctors, PhysiciansCliniciansNurse Care Practitioners, ProfessorsResearch fellows, Directors, DeansPost-graduates in Nursing Practices, Health Care Professionals, Clinical Nurse SpecialistsNurse Managers/Supervisors, Clinical Study Observers, Nurse Midwives, Nurse LeadersNurse Entrepreneurs, Nursing FacultyNursing Academicians, Students.

·         It is a gathering to explore issues of common concern and also exchange knowledge, share evidence, thoughts, and create solutions.   


 Related Societies and Associations:

·         Europe:  Federation of European Nurses in Diabetes, German Nursing Association,  International Society of Nurses in Genetics, International Transplant Nurses SocietyInternational Parish Nurse Resource Center, Cyprus Nurses Association,

·           Asia Pacific and the Middle East: Solomon Islands Nurse Association, , Nursing Council of Thailand, Asia Oncology Nursing Society,  Austrian Health and Nursing Association, Asia Pacific Pediatric Nurses Association,  Tonga Nurses Association, Nursing Council of Hong Kong,  Pediatric Nurses Association of Thailand 

·           America:  American Association of Spinal Cord Injury Nurses, American Board for Occupational Health Nurses, American Association of Occupational Health Nurses, American Association of Nurse AttorneyAmerican Board of Managed Care Nursing, American Association of Nurse Life Care Planners,  American Association of Office Nurses

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