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Yang Luo

Xiangya Nursing School of Central South University, Changsha, China

Associations among menopausal status, menopausal symptoms and depressive symptoms in midlife women

To determine the associations among menopausal status, menopausal symptoms and depressive symptoms in Chinese midlife women. Methods: A secondary analysis involved 3199 women aged 40-55 years was performed based on data from the Women's Health Needs Survey 2018 in Hunan Province, Central South of China. The depressive symptoms were determined using the 9-item Patient Health.

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Lilian Gertrude Dodzo

Ministry of Health and Child Care, Department of Nursing and Midwifery Services, Harare, Zimbabwe

Articulating the agenda to manage the increase in neonatal sepsis: The Experiences of healthcare providers at Mbuya Nehanda Maternity Hospital (MNMH) NICU in Harare, Zimbabwe

Maternal and child health are high priorities for international development yet the annual mortality rate per 1 000 live births from neonatal sepsis and other neonatal infections in Zimbabwe has increased by 11.6% since 1990, an average of 0.5% a year (Murray,2016). Zimbabwe’s neonatal mortality rate is 24 deaths per 1,000 live births (UNICEF,2015). Successful intervention to reduce neonatal sepsis could be through simple interventions compliance to infection prevention and control guidelines (Newton and Berkley,2009).

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Shireen Arif

Al-Tibri College of Nursing, Isra University, Karachi Campus, Karachi, Pakistan

Nursing Theories: Foundation of Nursing Profession

Theories are the foundation for all profession. It provides sets of concepts that make the basic knowledge of the specific discipline. Similarly, nursing theories are the set of concepts and principles that define the scientific basis of the nursing profession. These theories help to differentiate between nursing practice and medical practice. Nursing theories provides a medium to rationalize the care provided by the nurses. Moreover, it provides an identity to nurses that differentiate nursing practice from the medical practice. Nursing theories are considered as indicators of evidence-based nursing practices; however, researchers claim that their application is missing from the practice area. Nurses are on the verge of implementing nursing theories.

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Hyeon-Young Kim

Sahmyook University, College of Nursing, Seoul, Republic of Korea

Effects of Music Interventions for Preoperative Anxiety in Surgical Patient: Meta-Analysis

The aim of this study was to examine the effect of music interventions for preoperative anxiety in surgical patient. We searched the Cochrane Central Register of Controlled Trials (CENTRAL), MEDLINE, CINAHL EMBASE, and Korean electronic databases such as KMBASE, KOREAMED, RISS, KISS, and NANET (2000 to November 2018). In addition, the authors manually reviewed the reference lists of the identified studies extracted from the database searches. The risk of bias was assessed using th Cochrane’s Risk of Bias(RoB) tool for randomized studies and the Risk of Bias Assessment tool for Non-randomized studies(RoBANS).

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komal Abdul Rahim

Aga Khan University, Pakistan

Routine Episiotomies without Consent

Sexual and reproductive health is now gaining attention all over the globe. If we focus on the reproductive health aspect of a women, a word “pregnancy” always comes in our mind. As a healthcare provider, we know that ethics is involved in all the things we do from autonomy to paternalism, but still we sometimes violate patient’s right. A common practice of giving episiotomy to every pregnant women regardless of their parity status is not a quality care. I personally encountered a case in which same thing happened with a patient. This is a very serious issue because it might end up into complications to the patient. We have to remember that pregnancy is not a disease, but a natural process of giving birth. 

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L. Gien

Professor Emerita, Memorial University. St John’s, NL, Canada

Cancer patients’ access to Oncology Nurse Navigator (ONN)

Published studies revealed that patients with cancer and their families experienced dissatisfaction with service fragmentation, delays, lack of information, and lack of coordination. They expressed a sense of isolation, powerlessness, and a lack of guidance. They needed timely information on the disease, treatments, available resources, better communication, and emotional support. Patients referred to the care system as a maze and expressed a need for continuity of care and a person-centered approach. To address the latter need, cancer navigation programs have emerged as a model of care with the Oncology nurse navigator (ONN) playing a key role in assessing the patient’s needs, providing support and guidance throughout the disease trajectory.

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Fusun Terzioglu

Atılım University Dean of Faculty of Health Science, Ankara, Turkey

A New İnnovative Strategy in Midwifery Education: Hybrid Simulation and High Fidelity


Various instructional methods and environments are used in midwifery education to develop students’ psychomotor and communication skills, reduce their anxiety levels, and enhance their satisfaction. To examine the effect of three different instructional environments on the development of the students' psychomotor and communication skills and their levels of anxiety and satisfaction. The sample of the study consisted of 60 midwifery students. Before the implementation of the study, the students' cognitive skills and trait anxiety levels were evaluated. 

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Noura Aghajani

Tehran University of Medical Science, Iran

                               Sexual Health care delivery to Iranian women: A cross-sectional study in Iran

Women constitute about half of the Iranian population. Sexual behaviour is one of the most important elements in their lives. Identifying the elements associated with sexual behaviours seems necessary in order to draw a thorough picture of Iranian women's sexuality. To elicit information from Iranian women at their reproductive ages on sexual behaviours related to their elements including sexual capacity, sexual motivation, performance and sexual scripts. Study participants involved 295 women at reproductive age from five different cities. Women completed a national self-reporting questionnaire on elements related to sexual behaviours. The elements included sexual capacity, sexual motivation, sexual performance, and sexual script. Pearson’s correlation variance analysis and multi-linear regression were used to analyze data. 

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Effat Merghati-Khoei

Tehran University of Medical Science, Iran

         Primary sexual Health assessment and service delivery for women with spinal cord injury

Spinal cord injury affects different aspects of life, including the sexual life of the affected person. This study aimed to evaluate the effectiveness of the Plissit model on the sexual function and adjustment of women with spinal cord injury. This is a randomized clinical trial that was performed on 44 women with spinal cord injury. The sample was randomized into two groups of intervention and control (22 in each group) using random blocks. The intervention group received the Plissit sexual counseling in three sessions weekly for 45 minutes, and the control group received the routine consultation of the center. The data were collected using the female sexual function index (FSFI) and sexual adjustment questionnaire (SAQ). The sexual function and adjustment score of these individuals were measured before the intervention, four weeks and eight weeks later. 

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