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As a surgical nurse, what's the weirdest thing you've seen

It’s difficult to say which is the weirdest as you see a lot of odd things! There was a Vicar with a potato lodged in his bottom, a teenage boy with a glass tomato sauce bottle stuck on his penis (which he had tried to smash off with a hammer), an elderly gentleman with an umbrella handle stuck... Read More


Can a midwife become a gynecologist

You would need to apply to medical school then to an Ob-gyn residency. I have met a few nurses that have done just that, RN to MD but not from CNM to MD.But if you want to do surgery than that is the way to go.The midwives that were in my practice did a lot of office gyn (Well Woman Care) but h... Read More


What are some interesting country specific facts about plastic surgery

Iran isn’t exactly known as a beacon of open societies.Islamic law is strictly enforced in the country. We (Westerners) often read up on and then practice great caution when traveling to such regions as it is, culturally, a world away from the life we live here.They used to legislate what makeu... Read More

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Do mental health nurses wear uniforms in the US. Why!

Mental health workers are encouraged to dress in street clothes. Mental health problems have such a stigma that people fear being observed talking to a mental health worker for fear of repurccusions, Also, patients tend to have bad associations with scrub wearing professionals, it could trigg... Read More

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What is the difference between ICU and CCU in the hospital

ICU is the Intensive Care Unit. It is where the sickest or most injured patients are kept. Our hospital had an ICU staff ratio of 1 patient/1 nurse. It is equipped with almost every item to sustain a life within easy reach and has separate care practices per case. It also has a stricter set of r... Read More

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Do you trust foreign-educated health care providers as much as their US-graduate counterparts

I suppose, the author of the question means that foreign-trained doctors conduct themselves less professionally comparing to their American-born counterparts.Here is my observation, as I am a foreign-educated doctor myself: No foreign doctor (except Canadian) can practice medicine in USA indepen... Read More

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How are male nurses viewed by women in the health field

I am a male nurse here. The nursing field is traditionally and still remains a female-dominated field. For me, I have no problems with it. My colleagues and I are more concerned about the heavy workload to be done in so little time than bickering on gender-related issues. If you are in the ward,... Read More

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What are the emerging challenges in pediatric nursing

Staffing is always a problem everywhere. Cost effective plans to keep the hospital in the black, makes things difficult in all departments. Visitor policies can change back & forth. Type of new care for conditions will be a challenge! Keeping toddlers in beds or cribs is a constant challenge... Read More

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Why do most Americans leave their old family members in nursing homes or just avoid their parents in general

Most Americans don’t. It’s too expensive. There are a few reasons why it becomes necessary:·         Most older people have very fixed opinions about how things should be that they first formed in their youth when the world was different. Hey, the world ha... Read More

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Are dental implants impossible for women who have had bone loss in their jaws due to the use of meds for osteoporosis and the treatment of estrogen receptor-positive breast cancer

Dental implants are an elective treatment modality. As in, they are not urgently and compulsarily required. There are substitutes available for them.Dental implant surgery requires an efficient immune system, coagulative system, and reparative system. There are myriad of factors, which can disru... Read More

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What is the most stressful part about being an oncology nurse

In my opinion the most stressful thing about being an oncology nurse is finding out that patients are terminal with no chance of recovery. It's very sad especially when you have to be in the room to break the news or list their options knowing there is no quality of life and they will likely be... Read More

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Is it wrong that I hate nursing schools and wish nurses/nursing lecturers rotted in hell? What can I do to save my soul after a "nursing" disaster

In addition to the other responses here, I'd like to add a story of mine:I was part of a class that was accused of cheating (except for the one who told the administration). A fire alarm was pulled by a middle schooler that was on a field trip during our pharmacology final, and we had to give ou... Read More

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Do you have any regrets for putting your parents in a nursing home

In a way I do, at least in the beginning. I was her beneficiary and I knew that if she stayed at home all her money would go to her at-home care, and when that ran out, my husband and I would be footing the bill as we already were for his own mother. It would be putting us in a deep financial ho... Read More


Do doctors ever do surgery on themselves

A nurse here.I gave myself a flu shot. I didn’t want to go to the CVS and pay $20 for it. We had gallons of it for the patients and I wanted to get one. That day I knew I couldn’t be a drug user (or a diabetic who had to give himself insulin!)I once tried to draw my own blood. That was a disaste... Read More

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What is the most important part of being a good surgical nurse

First and foremost, we need to dissect what makes a “good” Nurse. I would say the key elements are having an empathetic, caring, and warm nature. You need to feel comfortable being around sick people and staying calm in stressful situations. You must be genuine and honest at all times, making sur... Read More

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How many times do hospital nurses have to wash their hands and/or replace their gloves

It depends on how many patients they care for. They should be washing their hands with each patient contact and before they glove and after they glove also they need to wash them well after they use the BR. themselves. If the person has infectious stool or drainage you also would not want to mov... Read More

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Why don't dental nurses ever speak to patients

It may be the strategy of the individual dentist. Staff in my practice converse w/ patients to put them at ease and because the assistant needs patient cooperation for some procedures the staff does. The more the staff can do the easier it is on the dentist. At the same time this can be risky be... Read More

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Do mental health nurses ever give needles to patients

We don’t call them “needles.” We call them syringes. In 25+ years of psych nursing, I would estimate that I’ve given approximately 10,000 IM injections.The number is so large not because I’m a crazy Nurse Ratched as so many would like to believe, but because psych patients get sick, just as non-... Read More

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How much does diet affect mental health

I would say - the diet affects mental health directly. In fact, the most efficient protocols for dealing with mental health and neurological issues (autism, epilepsy, etc.) involve radical (to some) changes in diet (for autism, for instance, high-fat and low-carb ketogenic diets prove very effec... Read More


What makes a great paediatrician

I have been a nurse for 9 years.8 of those in pediatrics, with the most recent in pediatric critical care. I work with COUNTLESS resident physicians and we receive a new batch of them every June. To say I am biased would be fair.I have my favorite doctors. I can honestly say it’s not fair to judge... Read More


Can powder formula be given to babies under 2 months

Yes, most formulas are… formulated for infants from new-born to 12 months of age.I would pay attention to its designation as an infant formula. You don’t want to give toddler formula to a new-born… although in a pinch it may still work… on occasion. The formula market has become now so s... Read More

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What kind of nurses take care of new born babies

There are generally three types of nurses that care for new born in the hospital setting:  Labour and Delivery Nurses typically assist with deliveries and care for the baby immediately following birth (taking vital signs, cutting the cord, and assessing the APGAR score). Maternity Nur... Read More

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Which is The Best Home Nursing Service For The Care Of The Elderly

 Imagine this situation. Hands always search for a hold, whatever eyes see is blurred and a little walk within the house, the knees are in pain! This is how elderly age feels.At this tenacious and delicate phase of life, frequent visit to the hospitals is the most challenging and tiresome... Read More


As a nurse, have you ever gone against a doctor’s diagnosis and been right

Yes I have. This happened in an Army Medical Center when I was an Army nurse. They had resident physicians there that had graduated from med school and who were making their rotations through different patient care areas of the hospital.I had a patient who was having cardiac arrhythmias due to t... Read More


How much do surgeons earn in India(specialty vs salary)

The average salary for a General Surgeon is Rs 1,166,240 per year. People in this job generally don't have more than 20 years' experience. Experience strongly influences pay for this job.Pay Experience for a General Surgeon has a positive trend. An entry-level General Surgeon with less than 5 ye... Read More


As a nurse, what is the most shocking statement you ever heard from a young child

Im not a nurse but a doctor. Well I remember the 12-year-old boy we had on the paediatric floor with a fractured shaft of femur. I was told by my boss to give him one or another antibiotic by I/V push. When I entered his room, he looked me up and down and then said “You, you’re that f*****g fat,... Read More


As a nurse, have you ever cried over a patient

My wife's story: I worked in Infectious Disease in the ’80 s when AIDS was little understood beyond being a death sentence. My patients varied from a very young hemophiliac man, to a mother of 3 infected by her husband, who promptly left her, to IV drug users, to the largest category, gay men. T... Read More

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Are we finally going to have a vaccine for Alzheimer's

Dementia has skyrocketed to become the fifth biggest cause of death worldwide, Alzheimer’s constitutes about 70 per cent of these cases. Alzheimer's results in progressive loss of memory and cognitive function and is devastating both to those who have it and to their loved ones.Researchers have... Read More

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The Role of Nurses in a Nursing Home

There are basically three types of nurses in a nursing facility: Registered Nurse (RN), Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN), and Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA), and sometimes a Nurse Practioner (NP). Also, an RN who takes specialized graduate courses in geriatric care and obtains a certificate or... Read More

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What’s a time when you had a serious problem but a doctor outright refused to help you

I was 48 years old and I got deathly ill at work one day. Couldn’t hold my head up or stay awake. Went home that afternoon and slept to the next morning. The next day I treated myself like I had a virus but by the evening I couldn’t stand it anymore and went to minor med. I insisted I had strep... Read More


What Things Frustrate Nursing Staff And Doctors The Most

1. Please keep a list of the medications you're taking along with the doses, and if you're unclear on your own medical history, add why you're taking them too! This is a significant issue with the older populations who are more likely to be on many different medications, but it happens with peop... Read More

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How Are Male Nurses Viewed By Women In The Health Field

I am a male nurse here. The nursing field is traditionally and still remains a female-dominated field. For me, I have no problems with it. My colleagues and I are more concerned about the heavy workload to be done in so little time than bickering on gender-related issues. If you are in the ward,... Read More


Why is microbiology important in nursing

Microbiology is a very important topic for nurses to study. This is because our infectious diseases are caused by microbes. This was discovered in the late nineteenth century and is defined in the “Germ Theory of Disease”. In a few cases, even cancer is associated with particular infec... Read More

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As a nurse, have you ever cried over a patient

You bet I have. The 19 year old that we told would be okay, when we knew he wouldn't last the night ( auto accident with a crushed chest)And tears of joy. The 6 month old whose teen mother dipped in boiling water because he kept crying, The 85 year old who kept telling his wife “Don't leave me”,... Read More

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What are some surprising facts about newborn babies

1. Babies are Born with the Skill to Swim:Newborns usually hold their breathing when underwater, and even throw about with their arms and legs.Your baby can go swimming as soon as you desire, but if you are preparing on getting her yourself, wait till after your six-week analysis. It is necessa... Read More


What makes nurses cringe

1.      Seeing a diabetic check blood sugar without washing site prior2.      Giving oneself insulin or other injectable medication as above3.      Kids smoking4.      Smoking adults5. &nbs... Read More

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What does it feel like to experience a heart attack?

I was doing me first mow of the back yard for 2017. I’d mowed the front and was about halfway through the back yard. Over about five minutes I became unusually tired, breathless and started to sweat a LOT. I stopped mowing and thought about how out of shape I’d become. I started the mower again... Read More


What's the most catastrophic mistake made by a nurse at a hospital?

I was 17 years old and my mother was in the hospital and her concerns of not being able to breathe well were being dismissed by the nursing staff. They said “You are just getting yourself worked up”. We insisted she was having trouble breathing and needed some medication to help her breathe. The... Read More


Global Nursing 2019

Larix International Nursing ConferencesLarix International is a group of ranking publishers and organizer’s for scientific conferences around the globe nesting well-known Doctors, Engineers, Scientists, and Industrialists. Larix is a self-functioning, independent organization wholly focused on... Read More

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