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The future of robotics and nanotechnology in medicine

Robotics and nanotechnology in medicine are the new buzzwords which are taking people with surprise. People cannot really imagine that surgery on the human body can be conducted with the help of robots Or for that matter machines that are so small that they can enter the bloodstream withou... Read More

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What is the scope of ceramic engineering

“Ceramic Engineering is the technology of creating non-metallic & inorganic objects having crystalline structure, through the process of heat, or precipitation reactions at the lower temperatures.”Ceramics are used in the gas burner nozzles, Space Shuttle program, ballistic protection, bio-... Read More

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How nanotechnology benefit the agriculture and allied sector

Nanotechnology in agriculture is the application of extremely small tools such as sensors, which can be used for agricultural development. Nanotechnology is a new revolution in industries and has the potential to bring about drastic changes in the agricultural industry. Developme... Read More

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What is the difference between nanomaterials and molecular nanotechnology

Nanomaterials can be constructed by top down techniques, producing very small structures from larger pieces of material, for example by etching to create circuits on the surface of a silicon microchip. They may also be constructed by bottom up techniques, atom by atom or... Read More

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What are the differences between smart materials, composite materials and nano materials

Smart materials are at least dual function, composites are materials composed of dissimilar phases or components (sometimes they’re called hybrid materials now), and Nano materials have been engineered on the Nano-scale,Smart materials have multiple functions, which generally include sensor/actu... Read More

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What is the difference between industrial engineering and mechanical engineering

Industrial engineering is a branch of engineering which deals with the optimization of complex processes or systems. It is concerned with the development, improvement, and implementation of integrated systems of people, money, knowledge, information, equipment, ener... Read More

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What is the need for Nanoelectronics

Nanotechnology in electronics (Nanoelectronics) increases the capabilities of electronics devices while reducing their weight and power consumption, it increases the density of memory chips and it reduces the size of transistors that used in integrated circuits. Nanoelectronics is the term... Read More

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How helpful is nanotechnology in agriculture

The application of nanotechnology in agriculture aims, in particular, to reduce applications of plant protection products, minimize nutrient losses in fertilization, and increase yields through optimized nutrient management.Nanotechnology devices and tools, like nanocapsules, nanoparticles, and... Read More

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What are the uses for nanotechnology

Nanotechnology is based on exploring, learning and creating at extremely small sizes. Nano a Greek word means dwarf. Science has far exceeded that a Nano today means 1 billionth of a meter. We have manipulated atoms at that size, creating amazing designs and using mathematics we are now creating... Read More


What is the future of nanochemistry

Nano chemistry is something really amazing and goanna rock in future, Nano technology is getting stronger and stronger every next year, micro and Nano chips are replacing all the big bulky processors.The old floppy discs were able to store 1.4 Mbs which is not even enough for a complete mp3 file.... Read More


What is the future scope in metallurgy and material science engineering

Metallurgy is an old field of science and unconventional field of engineering, which students generally don't prefer because they think, this field is not in much demand. Actually, this field is the mother of every other field. Just imagine world without metals and non-metals. It's unimaginable.... Read More


What are the next big trends in materials science

Though it is huge field, and covers vast topics, here are top five: Biomaterials and Tissue Engineering Ceramics and glasses Nanotechnology Functional materials (materials having their unique properties like feoorelectricity.) Engineering alloys (for various applica... Read More


What is nanomedicine used for

Nanomedicine is one of the applications of nanotechnology used in diagnosis, treatment, monitoring, and control of biological systems. Nanomedicine uses nanoscale manipulation of materials to improve medicine delivery. Thus, Nanomedicine has facilitated the treatment against various diseases.Acco... Read More

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Nano Robotics Applications in Treating Tumor

In recent times Nanotechnology has been the most interesting field in science. Nano robots are minute to the scale of micro-meters which are the size of our body’s cell. The Nano robots have cameras which can seep into the body for vision and better diagnosis than conventional methods. The most... Read More

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What are the differences between medical device and biomaterials

A medical device is any kind of gadget electrical/electronic or mechanical that is used to solve any problem that doctor face while treating his patients. From the syringe to the ECG machine all lies under the term medical device. In a broader sense we can say that every equipment that creates e... Read More


What is the difference between polymer science, polymer chemistry, and polymer physics

Polymer Science is a generic term covering the various subdivisions of the subject.Polymer chemists are mostly interested in the task of making plastic substances from their precursor chemicals; by reacting ethylene, propene or other hydrocarbons with catalysts under appropriate conditions Eg hig... Read More

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What are some examples of smart materials

Smart material are those that change in response to changing conditions in their surrounding or in the application of other directed influences such as passing an electric charge through them. Modern products increasingly use them, shirts that change colour with changes in temperature. Smart mat... Read More


What is Materials Science and Engineering

Materials Science and Engineering (MSE) combines engineering, physics and chemistry principles to solve real-world problems associated with nanotechnology, biotechnology, information technology, energy, manufacturing and other major engineering disciplines.The interdisciplinary field... Read More

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