Member of Society of Petroleum Engineers

Dr. Mansoor Zoveidavianpoor has over 18 years of multidisciplinary oil and gas experience, built upon his technical, operational, and management roles in the industry and academia. Mansoor holds a PhD degree in Petroleum Engineering from University of Technology Malaysia (UTM). He was involved in different disciplines such as geology, flow Assurance, piping construction, artificial intelligence, environmental engineering, petroleum engineering, and project management. He has lectured several courses at the UTM, Petroleum University of Technology (PUT) and Islamic Azad University (IAU). He is member of Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE) and registered as a chartered petroleum engineer. He has published more than 50 publications on International peer-reviewed Journals and conferences, has contributed to five textbooks and served in many worldwide scientific committees. Previously he was working as a Senior Lecturer at UTM and former Senior Petroleum Engineer at NIOC. Currently, he works as an independent consultant in oil and gas industry and as an Editor at INTECH. Mansoor is actively involved in multidisciplinary studies and currently his main area of focus is on Unconventional Reservoir Development.

Dr. Mansoor Zoveidavianpoor

Dr. Evgenii K

Member of Scientific Council of RAS

Moscow Power Engineering Institute. Degree(s) or Diploma(s) obtained: Master’s Degree in Material Science – 1970, Ph.D. – 1974, D.Sc. -2005. Membership of professional bodies: member of Scientific Council of RAS on Radiation Damage Physics of Solids. Years within the firm: since 1974. Key qualification: responsible executor in Radiation Damage Physics of Solids. Professional experience record: since 1974 till now, Moscow, National Research Centre “Kurchatov Institute”, Department: Reactor Materials and Technologies Institute.

Master Degree in materials engineering from Harbin University of Science and Technology

Dr. Jitang Fan received Bachelor Degree and Master Degree in materials engineering from Harbin University of Science and Technology (2005) and Institute of Metal Research, Chinese Academy of Sciences (2008) of China, respectively, and Doctor Degree in structural mechanics from Delft University of Technology (2015) of Netherlands. Now, he is an associate professor in State Key Laboratory of Explosion Science and Technology, School of Mechatronical Engineering, Beijing Institute of Technology, Beijing, China. His research interest includes the development of novel impact-resistant materials (metals, polymers, composites), high-performance composite protective structures, and their dynamic mechanical response (strain rate effect, impact loading, dynamic deformation and fracture). He opened a new method, name as High-Rate Squeezing (HRS) for processing a large strain of bulk metallic glasses. He developed several kinds of polymers/composites: notable strength increase with the increase of loading rate and considerable strain energy absorption in impact events.

Dr. Jitang Fan

Dr. Rajinder Sharma

Chief Scientific Officer and Vice-President R&D at Fluorotronics

Dr. Farid Menaa is an inter- and multi-disciplinary professional with worldwide reputation. He has three international post-doctoral terms in Oncology, Dermatology, and Hematology; MBA Entrepreneurship and MD candidate. During his ongoing career, he has mainly contributed to the identification and functions of new human disease-causing genes and variants, formulated natural products for anti-aging and developed innovative theranostic strategies against cancers, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, obesity and infectious diseases. He has more than 10 years’ experiences either in the academic, hospitals or industrial sectors. As Chief Scientific Officer and Vice-President R&D at Fluorotronics, Inc. he actively participated in the development of the disruptive “Carbon-Fluorine Spectroscopy”. Dr. Menaa collaborates with various organizations worldwide. He is a member of several prestigious medical and scientific organizations and editorial boards in the field of medicine, science, technology and business, including in the nano-segment. He has authored more than 100 articles including research and review articles, books, book chapters, textbooks, proceedings, and has participated to over 200 scientific international events including as co-organizer, keynote speaker, chairman. Dr. Menaa’s worldwide collaborations, holistic point of view and strong expertise in various fields led him to prevent, implement early diagnosis, and develop efficient and safer therapy.

Abbes Laghrour University of Khenchela Algeria

Dr. Mamoun Fellah is Associate professor, Mechanical Engineering Department, Abbes Laghrour University of Khenchela Algeria; Materials, Tribology, surface and interface Group, Laboratory of Foundry, Badji Mokhtar university, Annaba, Algeria; Surface Engineering and Technology Group, Laboratory of Metallurgy and Material Engineering, Badji Mokhtar University,Annaba, Algeria.

Dr. Mamoun FellahKhenchela

Dr. Farid Menaa K

Metal-Semiconductor devices and Solar Cells

Dr. Rajinder Sharma is currently working as Assistant Professor in the Department of Engg. Physics at Model Institute of Engineering & Technology (MIET) – Jammu (India). He obtained Bachelor Degree (B.Sc.) from University of Jammu – India in the year 1991, Master Degree (M. Sc. – Physics) in the year 1995 and Ph. D. in Electronics from University of Jammu (India) in the year 2003. His area of interest is Metal-Semiconductor devices and Solar Cells. He has 15 years of experience in Teaching and Research. He has participated in various international / national conferences and published 14 papers in international journals. He has reviewed various papers of Journal of semiconductor Science and technology. He was the member of Editorial Board of American Journal, Research & Reviews: Journal of Material Science for 2016 – 17.