Call for Book Chapter Contribution in Pan-Standford

                                                                                             -edited by Dr.Kaushik Pal

Dear Colleague,

I have recently agreed to edit a book entitled Green Nano-biotechnology: Applications Beyond Limits, to be published by the Pan-Standford. I would like to invite you to contribute a chapter to the book.

Proposed structure of book outlining Aims & Scope


In proposed book the considerable attention is being given to the advancement of novel strategies for the synthesis of different kinds of nanoparticles of specific composition and size using natural biological sources or plant extracts in cost-effective pathways. The proposed book based on the literature on the principles, limitations, challenges, improvements and applications of nanotechnology in medical science was performed. It highlights various parameters affecting the synthesis of nanoparticles by green nano-Biotechnology and exclusive techniques utilized for characterizing the nanostructures for their potential use in biomedical and environmental applications.


Ø  Investigated the green synthetic route which used in nanomaterials preparation and its stabilization.

Ø  Complete characterization of different kinds of the synthesized nanomaterials by using analytical and instrumental analysis.

Ø  Determination of the stability, toxicity, chemical, physical and various characteristics of the prepared nanomaterials.

Ø  Investigation the biological, biomedical, agricultural and industrial applications of the synthesized nanomaterials.

Ø  Highlighting the logic and importance of the green synthesis of nanomaterials and the advantages over the other synthetic routs.

Ø  Studying the effect of gamma irradiation as a strong reducing agent and their role in nanomaterials synthesis.

Ø  Evaluation the role of the capping and stabilizing agents in the stability of the synthesized nanomaterials.

Ø  The optimization methods used to increase the yields of the prepared nanomaterials using classical and/or statistical approaches.

Ø  Importance of nanomaterials in reducing the resistance of multidrug resistance infectious microbes and the replacement of the used traditional synthetic drugs.

Ø  Introducing nanomaterials as powerful therapeutic agents in cancer treatment.

Ø  Investigating the high economic value of using nanomaterials in agricultural applications such as invading the growth of pathogenic plant microbes as a biological control, stimulating the growth of plant and increasing the systemic resistance of some crops and plants.


Topics of entitled chapters


Plant extract: Isolation, purification and its applications in nanomaterials' stabilization


Gamma radiation-assisted synthesis of nanomaterials for biological applications


Pigment-assisted synthesis of stabilized nanoparticles: Implications for bioimaging


Synthesis of long-term stable SPIO nanoparticles: Promises of biomedical applications


Anticancer activities of engineered nanomaterials: Opportunities and challenges


Nanomaterials as efficient carriers for drug-delivery applications


Nanomaterials as promising drug substitutes: Overview on its antimicrobial abilities


Biomedical applications of nanomaterials in tissue engineering and regenerative medicine


Agricultural applications of nanomaterials: recent advances


Applications of nanomaterials in fabrics: Industrial opportunities




Submission procedure:

All authors are requested to contribute their chapter by e-mail following submission (main editor Dr. Kaushik Pal,e-mail: Acknowledgement mail to concern author’s after technical checking.

I am expecting the chapters to be approximately 20-25 printed pages (e.g. Included figures, tables, diagrams, references) and for them to be submitted to me around December, 2019 of expected submission. Further details on format, etc., will be provided by the Pan-Standford if you accept this invitation. It is expected the final date of full book publication on March, 2020.

As principal author of a chapter, you will receive a free copy of the book and will be entitled to a 20% discount on purchasing further copies of the book, and a 15% discount on all other Pan-Standford books.

The book will receive international visibility through the Google Scholar, which is accessible and fully searchable via the Pan-Standford Publishing Platform, and the print book will be available through well-known bookseller websites, such as Amazon, Barnes and Nobel, Blackwell, etc. The book will also be submitted for inclusion in the Google Scholar Citation Index.

Thank you very much for your time and consideration. I hope that you will agree to contribute to this book. Please confirm if you accept this invitation to contribute to the book by 31st October, 2019. If you are unable to contribute, please feel free to suggest alternative chapter authors.

Best wishes,

Prof.(Dr.) Kaushik Pal

Research Professor & Group Leader (Independent Scientist),

Director of Nanoscience Liquid Crystal (NLC) group

Editor, Pan-Standford (USA)



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