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Raman Group Founded in September 21, 2018 by Alireza Daneshvar - Chemistry Olympiad Gold Medalist and 53rd Int'l. Mendeleev Chemistry Olympiad Diploma Holder - and now he is Chief Executive Officer (CEO) at Raman Group.

Mohammad Hossein Sharifnia - Chemistry Olympiad Gold Medalist and 50th Int'l. Chemistry Olympiad Silver Medalist - Joined the group shortly after the group was founded and now he is Director of Board of Directors at Raman Group and Co-Founder at the most of Raman Projects.




In the field of Olympiad, Raman held 6 exams (with more than 800 participants from all over the Iran) in the first year of its activity and directed 4 effective and great mini lecture books in the field of chemistry Olympiad. It's an important note that the most of Raman Exams is free for participating just for developing science in Iran and other countries which Raman has cooperations with them.

Raman Olympiad preparation exams was greatly appreciated by many national Olympiad committees of different countries.


Raman was the only official coordinator of 6th International Chemistry Competition in Iran.


International Activites


In order to expand International cooperations, Raman Group's Brand is under registering process in Italy. In this field, Raman is a partner of a Dutch Educational Group and due to this partnership Raman Group will hold great educational courses in Austria, Netherland, Russia and Iran very soon.


And at the end of this short description we want to say our motto once again:


Raman, Pioneer in new and Creative Educational Ideas.

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