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Breast cancer: Does hair dye increase risk?

Over the years, a number of studies have hinted at hair products' potential role in cancer. As the study authors explain, "Hair products contain more than 5,000 chemicals, including some with mutagenic and endocrine‐disrupting properties."Older studiesTrusted Source have shown that... Read More


Volunteer with the American Cancer Society

Volunteering is all about helping others. But when you volunteer, one of the people who can benefit is you. Everyone has their own reasons to volunteer, including: Learning a new skill Connecting with your community Gaining a sense of achievement Expanding career options Discoverin... Read More

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What to know about lip cancer

According to the Skin Cancer Foundation (SCF), lip cancer accounts for about 0.6 percent of all cancers in the United States. The SCF also state that this type of cancer is most common in males with light skin over the age of 50 years. Common risk factors for lip c... Read More


Brain cancer: Lithium may restore cognitive function after radiation

Radiation treatment saves lives, but it can also have a detrimental effect on the brain. New findings suggest that a well-known medication can reverse the damage.Lithium could become the "first pharmacological treatmentTrusted Source of cognitive late effects in childhood cancer s... Read More

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Breast Cancer Death Rates Down 40% Since 1989

A new American Cancer Society report finds that death rates from breast cancer in the United States dropped 40% between 1989 and 2017. This translates to 375,900 deaths avoided during those 28 years. While the death rate has dropped every year, the pace slowed from a drop of 1.9% per ye... Read More


Cancer: One in five cancer diagnoses 'in Emergency Departments'

New research in mice and humans suggests that imbalances in gut bacteria could play a key role in promoting the development of colorectal cancer. The finding is helping researchers develop a blood test that may help them diagnose this form of cancerIn 2019, doctors will have diagnosed an estimat... Read More

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Cancer: One in five cancer diagnoses 'in Emergency Departments'

One in five people in Northern Ireland receive their cancer diagnosis while attending an emergency department (ED), according to research by the NI Cancer Registry.The registry confirmed to BBC News NI that, at present, a quarter of bowel cancers are being diagnosed in EDs.It said mostly older p... Read More

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What’s New in Cancer Research?

Monoclonal antibodies.: Your safe framework makes proteins called antibodies to assist it with spotting intruders like microbes and infections. Every immune response searches out another protein, called an antigen, on the outside of an attacking cell. Monoclonal antibodies: are planned in a lab t... Read More

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Radiation from CT scans associated with increased risk for cancer

Specialists here led study from a National Health Insurance dataset in Taiwan somewhere in the range of 2000 and 2013. The investigation pursued 22,853 thyroid cancer malignant growth, 13,040 leukemia, and 20,157 non-Hodgkin lymphoma cases. Analysts counseled information from the National Health... Read More


Could cytotoxic T-cells be a key to longevity

Scientists from the RIKEN Center for Integrative Medical Science (IMS) and Keio University School of Medicine in Japan have used single-cell RNA analysis to find that supercentenarians -- meaning people over the age of 110 -- have an excess of a type of immune cell called cytotoxic&nbs... Read More

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