AgileBio is a trusted leader in providing collaborative tools that enhance research productivity, regulatory compliancy, and traceability to scientists from a myriad of R&D labs for over 16 years. Our flexible, innovative & highly customizable LIMS Lab Collector is an all-in-one lab web software developed specifically to meet the unique needs of any R&D, biotech, pharma, QA/QC labs and many more industries. It has inventory built-in modules (preset or custom) and over 25 selective add-ons that can interact with each other making research greatly cost-effective. Lab Collector can manage everything from a single sample, to sample storage, reagents (ordering), to SOPs, equipment maintenance and calibrations. Our nifty add-ons like ELN, LSM and Workflow manager help you meet the FDA, ISO & other regulatory requirements easily with validations, signatures, timestamps, versioning, audit log, login security, and electronic signatures. Ours is a truly unique, affordable, expandable, customizable and collaborative interface suitable across many verticals.

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