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What is the difference between synthetic biology, biotechnology and biochemistry

The exact difference between Synthetic Biology and Biotechnology is this: The Synthetic Biologist tries to make an artificial biologic element (enzyme, piece of DNA etc.) in his lab. Whereas the Biotechnologist tries to isolate the biologic element in its natural form without modifying it. The... Read More

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How do plants get overwatered

It breaks down into two issues: too much water; and, inadequate drainage. Either or both may happen when too much water is given to plants. It is most applicable to plants in pots, but can also occur with plants in the ground.When you water you are doing a couple of things. You are supplying nee... Read More

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What are the steps for plant tissue culture?

Basic steps involved in plant tissue culture: Preparation of suitable nutrient medium:MS medium, White’s medium, B5 medium are few culture media. Auxins, cytokines and Gibberellins are the most commonly used growth hormones in culture medium prepared for tissue culture.Agar: It solidi... Read More

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Do pesticides affect plant growth? If so, why

If there were insects destroying your plant and you used an insecticide, it would improve the growth and health of your plant. If a fungus was destroying your plant and you used a fungicide that would also improve the growth of your plant. And if you used an herbicide on your plant, it would d... Read More

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What is biomedical science about? What do biomedical scientists do?

Biomedical Science is a basic research field which focuses on the aspects of the human body and human health. So you study everything about the human body and about disease progression and treatment. It is a new field in India, but abroad the scope of this field is vast, especially in the UK. Th... Read More

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What are the recent breakthrough in bio-science

Primate Cloning:Though cloning is a debatable issue from the ethical point of view, it is quite necessary to study biological phenomena.Primates, i.e. the family of apes (which include human beings too) have a very complex genome (genome is the total genetic information contained in a cell of t... Read More

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What is a good starter plant and advice for a newbie who wants a little more flora in their life

Crassula ovata. The jade plant. It is a fun little plant that does best with a lot of sunlight and the occasional watering. It will even put out flowers under the right conditions. I have a few jade plants that have been with me 15ish years. Additionally, they are extremely easy to propagate. Ju... Read More

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If a variegated plant starts to grow mostly white, how long can it survive? How many green leaves/how much chlorophyll does a plant need in order to keep growing

Especially the discussion of selenium. One thing, “variegated plants” covers a lot of territory. It’s often difficult to make generalizations about “plants” - there are so many, and so many differences among them.Variegation, in most cases, is an adaptation that developed to help plants survive... Read More

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What is a 'Syngonium plant'

Sansevieria is a genus of about 70 species of flowering plants, native to Africa, Madagascar, and southern Asia. Common names include mother-in-law's tongue, devil's tongue, jinn's tongue, bowstring hemp, snake plant, and snake tongue. It is often included in the genus Dracaena; in the APG III c... Read More

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What makes ML in Computational Biology especially difficult

There are several related issues that make ML for computational biology hard.1- Getting “signal” is challenging. The data often comes with lots of noise and missing values and imputation is hard. Say you are measuring single cell RNA sequence counts, the data comes with considerable noise and l... Read More

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How do Nano-biological computers compare with quantum computers? What are the advantages and disadvantages of each

DNA computing using algorithmic self-assembly has some of the earmarks of a near term alternative to quantum computing for solving computationally intractable problems.The advantage is the DNA computing is that it is approximately here today while quantum computing remains a gleam in some phys... Read More

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What are the main differences between plant and animal cells?

The main, obvious difference is that plants in general carry out photosynthesis using an organelle called a chloroplast. They convert (sun) light into chemical energy, glucose. Plants use this chemical energy to grow and reproduce and to feed their neighbor animal cells. Animals cannot carry out... Read More

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What are benefits of biosensors

Biosensors are most commonly used within the Healthcare and the Apparel industry. With the use of Biosensors within the healthcare industry, the opportunities are endless. They can be used for monitoring heart rate, respiratory rate, brain activity, or body temperature. However, they also can be... Read More

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How does the corona-virus replicate

Coronaviruses are very unusual, large, enveloped RNA viruses of both medical and veterinary importance. They have a genome of over 30,000 nucleotides (30 K bases) so can be called gigantic in virology sense. They are also slightly unusual in how they replicate themselves at the molecular l... Read More

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Can Nutritionist cure your Auto-Immune Disease

There are various kind of Auto immune disorders. This disorder occurs when one self-body cells attack themselves and create a condition of illness, allergy or disease that can manifest in different ways. There are nearly 80 kinds of auto immune diseases identified. Causes are generally unknown.... Read More

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What is PCD in pharma and how we can choose a good PCD pharma franchise

The increasing demand for a variety of medicines and the continuous requirement to formulate the new products are key contributors to the spending growth in the pharma industry. PCD is the part of the pharma franchise but is offering lucrative business opportunities. Many business-minded individ... Read More


What are the different types of bioreactors

To first understand what a biological reactor might be, I might first need to make you understand what biological materials are. And you will understand why that is in just a short while. So read the whole thing if you want to get a good grip on what you are searching for.Now a biological react... Read More

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Can a virus or bacteria kill off a whole species of plants

In Britain a few years ago, the species of tree called the Elm tree suffered attack by a bacterial species which caused the disease known as 'Dutch elm disease'. The trees gradually died and it was thought there were no more left alive, but some live trees of the species were found to have surv... Read More


What is an ochratoxin

Ochratoxins are a group of mycotoxins produced by some Aspergillus species (mainly A. ochraceus and A. carbonarius, but also by 33% of A. Niger industrial strains) and some Penicillium species, especially P. verrucosum. Ochratoxin A is the m... Read More


How is the life of a biotech researcher

That depends on your job, education, and sadly the most important of all connections.Life is great in biotech research if you have the right connections. Just networking won’t do. You need to be liked, trusted, and brilliant WITH experience. If you lack one of those things in a niche such as thi... Read More

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How is biotechnology harmful for genetically modified crops on the environment

Crops do not damage the environment simply because they are GM. Some farming practices, such as the overuse of herbicides resulting in the excessive eradication of wild plants from farmland have been shown to harm the environment. These problems are similar for non-GM and GM crops.In a large fa... Read More


What is industrial biotechnology

Biotechnology is a promising field which utilizes organic procedures for the life sciences industry. It controls hereditary qualities of microorganisms and endeavors biomolecular and cell procedures to deliver basic things like hormones, anti-infection agents and numerous others. Critical zones... Read More

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What is the structure of lac operon

Structure of the lac operonThe lac operon contains three genes: lacZ, lacY, and lacA. These genes are transcribed as a single mRNA, under control of one promoter.Genes in the lac operon specify proteins that help the cell utilize lactose. lacZen... Read More


What is biosensor technology

A biosensor is a device which can react in a particular way when exposed to any biological entity which helps us detect specific biological components. It's basically regarded as a data analysis tool and it doesn't always have to include an electronics component. It can be purely chemical a... Read More


Why can’t our immune system fight Ebola when it can easily defeat other diseases

The long story shortEbolaviruses produce a viral protein that paralyses a crucial signaling cascade of the immune system, effectively leaving the immune system swinging between insufficient antiviral immune response and overwhelming inflammatory symptoms.The long story, longInterferons are wha... Read More

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